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Adelaide's Specialist Window Cleaner

Adelaide Test Match – 5 days of cricket for some, early mornings of window cleaning for others.

We have looked after the glass at Adelaide Oval for a number of years now and the new stadium is no exception.? We are some of the lucky few who have seen it grow through the construction phase til now as it opens to the public.? I challenge anyone not to be impressed and now that the cricket has started all that remains is to finish the Eastern Stand and get into the Footy season.?

The new stadium has certainly got plenty of glass, with a lot of it in high places or which is difficult to access.? It is our job to get it up to standard in the weeks leading up to the test and then maintain it.? This means early mornings after each day of play.? As a bonus we get to see all the behind the scenes goings on,?spot the odd?player or commentator?and in?our spare time clean some glass.? It is very relaxing working away as the sun comes up and the ground staff prepare the oval- that is til you remember that you have til 8am to get it all done.? It is a big team effort which requires quite a bit of co-ordinating.? Fortunately we are all used to the deadlines and it?generally runs to schedule (with a bit of a rush as it nears opening time).

Can’t wait til the Footy!