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Bad debts leave a bad taste

In our small business doing the window cleaning is the easy bit-?raising the invoicing?and getting paid can sometimes be another story.? You read in the paper all the time about some business or another going bust and owing thousands either to their employees, the Tax Office or? subby’s (sometimes all of the above).??Usually there are stories of the Director/Owner living the high life, fast cars, large cash?investments in other areas (which they also have an interest in)?and just walking away from their debts.? The effects can be devastating and can send people broke.?I am here to tell you first hand how easy it is.? In our case we had a court judgement in our favour for nearly $10K.??At our next court appearance we?were given a set of accounts that say?the company is?no longer trading and all of the assets have disappeared-?this is despite the?Director turning up to court in?a vehicle that he has no idea where it has gone.??To make matters more frustrating?he has at least three?sign written cars still skooting?around the city.? All questions regarding the accounts are ?met with “don’t know” answers, and the case is adjourned again.? Funnily enough he has another business with a very similar name which seems to be going OK. Enquiries to people with a far greater knowledge of the system than me say “write?it off- you will never get the dough”.? So we will go back to court one more time, not get anywhere?and put whole thing down?as an?experience.

Oh-?the name of the Director with amnesia and the business he runs (if he can remember)???? Nino Ferraro- Gianmassi?Pty?Ltd, or you will see them around as Polizar- give them a wave for me.