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Adelaide's Specialist Window Cleaner

Clipsal 500 needs clean windows

Every year we do the window cleaning of the?corporate boxes and?pit straight glass at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide.? It is hard to believe?that these buildings?are completely put up and removed each year.? The amount of work that goes into this event behind the scenes for a week of motor sport is incredible.? After all these years though it all seems to go smoothly with most of the contractors working together to get the end result.? Anyway, to all the petrol heads out there at least you will be able to see the action through our freshly cleaned glass.? To all those who have not been before you should give it a go- you may be surprised at how entertaining it is, especially on Friday and Saturday. Come on Holden- or should that be Ford, or Nissan, or Mercedes? It would be good to see some new cars/teams at the top.