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Frustrations of the Small Business Owner

I have realised that window cleaning is the easy bit.? Once you get the job done, then comes the hard bit:

  • Getting Paid – on time or at all.? The number of people that deliberately don’t pay within any reasonable timeframe and then get upset when you ask them to cough up continues to amaze me.? No wonder cash is king
  • Workcover – It wasn’t that long ago that the?system operated on the penalty/bonus system – good for us as we were in bonus.? Then some genius decided that we should all be on the ‘industry?rate’.? As a?result that there is no incentive to do better – oh, and the rate is huge – try nearly 9%….and why is their Workcover on additional superannuation payments???
  • Superannuation – I’m all for people?having a good?retirement but how many people actually contribute to their future from their own pocket …and can we afford to raise it to 12%?
  • BAS/PAYG – Obviously the government needs the cash,? if your late with this one they?fine you big time.
  • Petrol Prices/Parking – Remember when it cost a couple of bucks an hour to park in the city -?and you could find one.??How about the outcry when petrol hit $1 a litre.
  • Paperwork – Invoicing, account reconciliation, quoting – all non paying aspects of the business that have to be done.
  • Junk Mail/Phone Canvassers – I’m not sure how I did it but I must be on every cold call list there is: – No -?I don’t want to buy a fuel card/phone deal/website/seo package…
  • Award Rates of Pay – back in the day it was easy to know how much you had to pay people,? now you need?lawyer, and even they can’t agree.? No point going to the Workplace Services website – answer a dozen questions and still don’t get a straight answer.

Anyway I think I will stop now, got to get back to my EOFY paperwork.