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Glad we are not scared of heights

One of the best things about this job is that most days are different and we are not working in the same place all the time.? Today we were in Adelaide (with a couple of closed off streets) to do the external of a 5 storey building.? Boom work is something that we do regularly but the height in this case is pretty unusual.? Normally tall city buildings are abseiled (and in some cases done with a basket) from the roof,?but in this case that was not an option.? That meant council permits, traffic control and quite a big boom.? Fortunately I (and my eldest) don’t have a fear of heights, although at 25 mtrs off the ground every minor movement is magnified and you can get up quite a bounce in the basket.? Luckily?the weather was good and it all went as planned.??

Today we were in a boom, last week we were doing a ledge walk, the week before that some scissor work at Adelaide Oval….I wonder what this week will bring?? Actually I know- it will be cleaning up the glass after each day of the test match.? C’mon Aussies 2-0

*Please note that while we provide high access windows cleaning, we don’t provide abseil window cleaning