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Adelaide's Specialist Window Cleaner

Hot weather but the work goes on

It has been hot, as?we are?constantly reminded as the day goes on, but with a little bit of planning most of the work can still be done.? On a daily basis?we schedule the jobs to avoid the direct sunlight?as this heats up the glass and makes it impossible to clean – not to mention it?can be?uncomfortable to work in.?This is especially important for the new tinted and black glass types. ?During these hot spells? we start?earlier, book the jobs so that the sun is less of a factor and generally get most of it done.? Funnily enough this time of the year I don’t have any trouble getting the guys to do the internal partition and shell work,? which is usually everyone’s least favourite.? There is also a line of workers wanting to work on the water machine – it can be very refreshing standing under the overspray on a warm day.