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House Window Cleaning – Does it really cost $100 per hour

I?am constantly amazed by?window cleaners that tell me they?clean domestic windows (houses)?and get around $400 per house.??I can’t believe it, but?I keep hearing the same story?- their must be a lot of really big houses in Adelaide.? They usually go on to tell me they?typically take around four hrs plus some travel time and that the client is extremely happy when they leave.??Maybe it is just me but if i get charged $100 an hour for anything that is not life saving I get a bitter taste in my mouth.??To anyone who is in the process of getting window cleaning quotes on your house ask this?question after you get the price – “How long will it take?”.? If it is going to take any longer than 2-3 hours for the average house in and out, then?the guy is obviously not a professional,? if it going to cost $100 per hour and you are happy with that – give me a call because?I think I will be free that day.

While I am on the house window cleaning topic it would be a good idea to ask (and check) that the?people you are thinking of letting onto your property and into your homes?are?INSURED and POLICE CLEARED.? Seems simple but most are not, why would they be as it is probably something they do in there spare time.

One last thing- there is one prominent company on the net that is just a booking desk.? They do?little more than pass your details onto someone ?who?is on their list?- and for doing that they take a hefty commision.? When you are looking for a window cleaner just remember that we clean windows too and if you think the above sounds unbelievable, spend some time shopping around before you call us.