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Adelaide's Specialist Window Cleaner

How we clean windows

How We Do ItWindow Cleaning Strategies

We clean windows in the safest, most cost effective way, and use a number of cleaning techniques to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you:

Safety Harness window cleaningSafety Harness Window Cleaning

Some commercial buildings have reasonable sized ledges which are designed to be walked on using a safety harness system.  There is usually a track system built into the exterior structure itself with access gained internally from a corner window. This enables us to quickly, safely and efficiently clean commercial building windows.

Window cleaning Poles

Window Cleaning withPoles

You would be amazed the places and heights we can reach using extension cleaning poles. New, light weight carbon fibre poles have revolutionized the heights that can be cleaned.  Some poles can reach 25mtrs, although it is one thing to get up there and another to achieve a good clean window.  Our window cleaning poles reach 15 mtrs and we find this is as high as you can go and still maintain a quality cleaning result.

Window cleaning with Ladders

Window Cleaning with Ladders

If all else fails there is always ladders. We have a reach of around 12 mtrs with our largest ladder and whilst it can be difficult to manoeuvre, this window cleaning approach has its uses. We use smaller ladders on a regular basis for cleaning shop front windows etc.

Water fed window cleaning polesReach and Wash Water Fed Poles

Along with the carbon fibre poles the other piece of equipment that has changed the window cleaning industry forever is the use of water fed cleaning poles.  These remove solids from the water resulting in windows with a sparkling and spot-free finish.  This is similar to the DIY car-wash brush on a longer pole and is excellent for difficult to access glass, which would normally be missed or require a boom. Overall the result is not quite as good as the traditional method but often these windows would not be cleaned at all.

Using long extension poles, we can reach up to 45 feet high (over 15 metres) from the safety of the ground. These poles are ‘water fed’, meaning we can connect to a tap, purify the water and send it up the pole through a special cleaning brush. It not only cleans the glass spotlessly, but all the frames too.

How the Pole Works

The poles we use are made using the latest technology carbon fibre. This means they are very light weight, yet still very strong – allowing for accurate work at full extension. The pole extends out in sections, so cleaning windows 5 or 6 storeys high is just as possible as cleaning windows at ground level.

How Pure Water Works

Without pure water, regular tap water would leave spots and smears on the glass after cleaning. Pure water, on the other hand, leaves the glass completely spotless. The water purifying system involves four stages:

  1. Carbon Sediment Filter – removes dirt, other particles and chlorine
  2. Water Softener Filter – converts calcium and magnesium ions to sodium ions
  3. Reverse Osmosis – removes the majority of dissolved solids and discards them in waste water
  4. De-Ionisation – removes any remaining impurities

We carry with us a particle meter to check the purity of the water. Adelaide tap water is normally about 175 ppm (part per million). Our pure water achieves 0 ppm!

Benefits for Commercial Glass

  • Can reach up to 4 storeys without abseiling, scaffolds or cherry pickers
  • Cleans window frames, facias and panels as well as glass
  • No chemicals – meaning good for the environment and clean windows last longer as there is no detergent residue
  • Cheaper and faster than the alternatives
  • Safer – no ladders or heavy machinery – the operator can keep both feet on the ground
  • Less disturbance and more privacy for occupants

Cleaning windows with Elevated Work PlatformsElevated Work Platform (EWP) Window Cleaning

In some instances there is only one way to get the job done, and that is hire a boom. This is often for buildings which are 3-6 stories high with good access around the immediate building surrounds.  Often there will be a requirement for traffic control as usually a public road is required for access.  No matter the site City Clean have licensed EWP operators and can organise traffic control and permits for your window cleaning job

*Please note that while we provide high access window cleaning, we don’t provide abseil window cleaning