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OH&S responsibilities – yours and ours

Some say that the government makes it hard for business by taking up too much of its time on trivial matters, and in most instances I would agree.? There is however one area where it needs to lift its game – OH&S compliance.? Our business regularly deals with heights and like it or not a simple mistake could lead to tragic consequences.? We have made a conscious effort to eliminate?dangerous jobs from our roster and, with detriment to our sales, no longer do a lot of the risky jobs.??These jobs simply cannot be done whilst?complying with the current OH&S regulations.

That doesn’t mean that dangerous things are not being done out there.? In January I saw a?window cleaner in Greenhill Rd?on the cement awning ledge (about 3 feet square) on the second floor of the building frontage.? He had got there using his ladder and had all his equipment?with him?- and no safety equipment.? The ridiculous thing here is that with a water machine and pole he could get a better, quicker and safer result without leaving the ground.? The other example is one I see all the time and that is people abseil window cleaning alone.? Totally illegal and bold as brass – if you get hooked up in your gear, or have medical incident, how are you going to get down???

*Please note that while we do provide high access windows cleaning, we don’t provide abseil window cleaning

And that is where the client comes in.? They are also responsible for the work processes and safety?of the contractors they engage.? That is why a formal?Risk Assessment and?Work Method Statement should be done for every job, but especially so for high risk work.? If by chance the aforementioned workers had fallen and seriously injured himself? SafeworkSA would get involved. The first thing they would ask for is the RA and WMS.? Chances are it?would not exist (and if it did it wasn’t being followed)?and things will only get worse from there.? Eventually they will find their way to the Property Manager who will also be in big strife for also not ensuring a safe workplace?- and rightly so.? Hopefully?we will see a change of attitude from everyone regarding high risk work which will lead to a safer industry.? Training needs to be undertaken and responsibilities claimed.