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Outdoor PVC Blinds

We have had a lot of phone calls about the cleaning of outdoor PVC Blinds and if and how to clean them.? The short answer is most window cleaners will clean?PVC blinds using essentially ?the same method as used when doing a window.? It does take a little longer as you need to be more careful,? use a?smaller squeegee?and rag dry afterwards but the main?problem with them is that they do not come up anywhere?near as clean as glass.? The main factors affecting the results are the quality and?tension the blinds and?the amount of staining on them.? Washing them will remove the surface dirt and dust (and some minor water splashes) and make them look much better and shinier, but we find that most have a varying degree of water staining (due to the hard Adelaide water) which will not be removed with a lambswool?cleaner.? They also manage to collect a lot of scuffs?and scratches over time which are?there to stay.? ?It is sometimes possible to remove the water?stains by wiping these areas by hand with a damp cloth.? This is very time consuming and therefore expensive for a contractor to do.

City Clean are happy to?clean blinds provided the client understands the results will vary depending upon the above.?It is preferable/more economical though to package them?as an addition to the window cleaning of the house.