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Pricing – How Much?

I have been doing window cleaning in Adelaide for around 10 years now and I am yet to come up with a pricing formula that works and is easy to use.

The other day I did two inside and outside domestic window cleans on separate days. They were similar houses in size and number of windows, but one took just over 1 hour and the other took 3 hours. Why was it so?

One took 3 times longer (and was therefore more expensive) due to the following:

  • Slightly taller windows that required a step ladder to reach the top
  • Flyscreens that were screwed in requiring a drill to remove
  • A section of small Colonial windows
  • A barbeque that had splattered grease over some glass
  • Very dirty glass that had not been cleaned forever
  • Heavy and dodgy wooden blinds that were hard to open and close
  • Framework that required brushing first and then detail wiping
  • Internal furniture that was against the windows, making access difficult

None of the above is an issue for us, it is part of our window cleaning service, but it is an example of why it is impossible to accurately price houses over the phone.

If you have a larger than average house, or variables such as above (and many others), any pricing you get without a site visit is a guess at best (or misleading at worst).