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Adelaide's Specialist Window Cleaner

Save Yourself Some Money!

Most of us have limited disposable income and we are all looking for a good deal and value for money.? If you are anything like me, you don’t want to spend a heap of money on contractors.??This is especially true?for something as discretionary as window cleaning.? Lets face it there are other things you would sooner spend your hard earned on – but there is a way to keep the pricing down.? As we charge by the?time on the job (plus some travel time) all you have to do is make us as productive as we can be whilst we are there.??This will result in less time on the job and therefore a smaller bill at the end.

Simple things that you may want to do yourself?include:

  • remove and/or refit?flyscreens
  • remove obstacles around the windows ie: pots/chairs etc
  • open curtains and venetian blinds
  • clear window sills of photos/vases etc
  • clean your own flyscreens (just spray them off with a hose)
  • in extreme cases where windows and frames are really dirty you could hose off the area to remove the surface dust.

We are happy to do this ourselves but there is a time/cost associated with everything we do, even if it is not window cleaning – you would be surprised at how many windows we can?clean if we get a good run at it.

In the end?we?will provide?whatever service you want – you choose the level of service you require and which ever way you go?the end result will be?sparkling windows.