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Adelaide's Specialist Window Cleaner

What we do

Window Cleaners Adelaide and Adelaide HillsWindow Cleaning

In short we are professional window cleaners. That includes frames, fly screens, ledges, louvres as required. We also conduct high dusting services, sign cleaning, washing of building facades and solar panel cleaning.

Unfortunately this is an industry that attracts people looking to make a quick buck. With a small capital outlay and a couple of visits to You Tube many people hang up their shingle as window cleaners.   We regularly see these people in the market and hear their customer’s stories. Broom sticks for poles, no uniforms, no insurance, no idea! Owning a squeegee does not make you a window cleaner, any more than buying a wrench makes you a mechanic. We are constantly shown windows which would pose no problem for us that a previous supplier would not do due to lack of experience or equipment.