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Which Window Cleaner to Choose?

I thought I would pass on a piece of advice when it comes to engaging a window cleaner.

Recently we completed a new two story medical centre using the water brush and pole method, the job went smoothly, on budget with no issues at all. The windows came up a treat and the framework was equally as good. On completion the client and I started talking about the quotes they had received for the work. It turns out that one quote received was more than double that of ours (and we hadn’t underpriced it). I was very surprised to hear of such a high quote for a job of that size and put it down to two things- Experience (lack of) and Equipment (nil).  In the old days to do this particular job we would have used a squeegee and aluminium poles, and going back a bit further a ladder. I can only assume that the competitors pricing was based on using one of these methods.

My point is that there are lots of people claiming to be window cleaners but this occupation is way more advanced than a bucket and squeegee. Now we are talking carbon fibre poles, polyester brushes and water purification systems. A window cleaner that does houses in his spare time (or full time for that matter) does not have the know how or equipment to safely and efficiently complete commercial jobs, whilst conversely, a professional, commercial window cleaner can easily service all window cleaning markets. In short someone specialising in domestic window cleaning usually does not have the capacity outside of that market.

My piece of advice- make sure you request window cleaning quotes from reputable companies with suitable experience or risk paying twice as much as you should!