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Adelaide's Specialist Window Cleaner

Window Cleaning Adelaide

Window cleaning Adelaide

Window cleaning Adelaide

Window Cleaning Adelaide

As a long established window cleaning Adelaide business, City Clean are well aware of what it takes to be the top shelf window cleaner in Adelaide.

Window Cleaning experience

Our team of window cleaners have been working in this field for over 20 years. We know all there is to know about cleaning windows. Also, this is our core business. We don’t ‘moonlight’ as window cleaners just to make some extra money – We do this full time. We are professional window cleaners.

Window Cleaning Service

The window cleaning services we offer includes:

Domestic Window Cleaning

We’ll clean the windows in your house in the greater Adelaide suburban area – we even do regular cleaning trips to the Barossa Valley and other regional South Australian areas too.
We clean windows in single or two story homes. Our team can clean your windows inside and/or out. We even clean wardrobe mirrors, glass balustrades, and glass topped tables.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We provide a wide range of window cleaning services for businesses like yours:

  • Shop front Businesses
    Make sure your customers can see into your shop without seeing dust and smears on the glass, this is your customers first impression.
  • Hotels
    While Hotels have cleaning staff they aren’t window specialists. We will do the job better and in a quarter of the time to get them sparkling and save you money
  • Strata Title Corporations
    Use a specialist cleaning group to ensure all the units in your strata block have clean windows and are scheduled on a regular basis
  • Nursing Homes
    We specialize in nursing home cleaning, with dozens of regular homes in our schedule.

Premise Vacate window cleaning

Is it the end of your lease and you need the windows to sparkle for an inspection?
We’ll clean your windows to help you ensure you pass the vacate inspection and get all of your bond back.

Specialist cleaning services

We also provide specialist cleaning services for our clients in Adelaide including:

  • High access window cleaning
    Use us to ensure you high windows are cleaned safely.
    Don’t risk injury and insurance issues from an inexperienced or un-insured window cleaner falling when trying to clean your high windows.
  • Glass canopy cleaning
    Our skilled window cleaners have the equipment and knowledge to safely and effectively clean your glass canopies. Don’t risk damage to your canopy
  • Sign cleaning
    One of our more popular specialist jobs is cleaning signs. These are often in precarious locations and difficult to reach, but we have the equipment and cleaning skills to deal with what otherwise might be a dangerous job.
  • High dusting
    Another specialist task, we have the equipment to enable us to safely dust in high situations. Something you don’t want amateurs to try!
  • Solar panel cleaning
    With the popularity of solar panels in Adelaide homes and businesses, many owners have now realises that a regular clean ensures the panel continues to operate at maximum efficiency. We can clean solar panels safely, even though they are on the roof and generally at height. Using our specialist window cleaning equipment ensures they are well cleaned and dry clear to trap and convert as much of the sun’s rays as possible.

Window Cleaning Equipment

Our cleaning equipment includes latest water filtration technology and carbon fibre poles capable of reaching 4 stories

Water filtration technology

Clean water dries without leaving spots which mean your windows are cleaner.
Using high-tech water filtration means we clean your windows better and faster

Graham explains the difference between cleaning windows using squeegees versus using a water filter in this video:

Carbon fibre poles

These state of the art poles mean we can reach high places without having to use ladders. This speeds the job up significantly – we do it quicker which saves you money. The carbon fibre poles also removes the need for climbing ladders from the work situation to reduce the possibility of injuries