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Window cleaner prices ?

window cleaning pricesWindow Cleaning Prices Adelaide

We can provide you with window cleaning prices in two basic ways:

  1. An Hourly rate
    we also include an estimate of how long the cleaning will take.
    The advantage of this approach is you only pay for actual time on the job.
  2. A firm quote upon site inspection
    We’ll give you a fixed price for cleaning your windows
    With this approach you always know how much the cleaning will cost.

Window Cleaning Prices Guide

As a guide, window cleaning costs generally works out at:

  • around $3.00+GST* per side per average window pane, or
  • for an average 3 bedroom house around $100+GST* for the outside only

*Subject to inspection.

How to reduce your window cleaning costs

You can save money and minimise your window cleaning outlay by helping us by:

  • removing your own window screens before cleaning
  • moving obstructions
  • drawing curtains
  • clearing window sills etc.

This will give you more ‘bang for your buck’ for your window cleaning investment

At the end of every job it is important that you are satisfied, both with the job and the price.
We are happy to have your business today, but it is your ongoing custom we are really interested in retaining.

Reviewing window cleaning quotes

We always suggest getting several quotes for cleaning your windows, but there are some common traps people often fall victim to, so here’s a few tips on reviewing window cleaning quotes:

  • Beware the low hourly rate
    A word of warning on low hourly rates. The important thing is the final cost – the cheap hourly rate doesn’t look so good when the job takes twice as long as it should. Always look to get a quote that includes the total cost.
  • Insurance
    When comparing quotes we suggest you ask if the window cleaners have Public Liability insurance.
    City Clean has $20 Million Public Liability Insurance to protect you and your property.

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