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Window cleaning still going strong

Having just turned the corner to winter we are still waiting for the cool weather slowdown to start.? The days are getting shorter?and completing?the work when it doesn’t get light til 7am is a still bit of a problem.? The lack of light?is offset to some degree by the overcast conditions, and a bit of moisture in the air is perfect for window cleaning.? It enables the windows to stay wetter for longer and improves our productivity.? We get some funny looks when we are window cleaning in the rain but the fact is we are still removing the dirt and cleaning the glass and frames.? Most of the dirt comes from the wind anyway and with all the rain about at the moment dust is not a problem.

Anyway, I know that winter is may not be the most popular time to get your windows done, but you will probably get them?booked in?a lot quicker now than you will in summer.