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Winter has gone- Hello Spring!

If that was the cold dark winter then I must have blinked and missed it.? The work has already started to heat up with the weather and bookings are filling fast.? The other positive to be had is the election is over and we can all get back to business. It amazes me that people comment on being “so over the election”? but in reality I don’t think that a few weeks of campaigning is too much to put up with – especially?to make an informed decision about our futures.? And whilst on politics I had a tour around Adelaide Oval the other day (it is one of our jobs) and it will be a one impressive place when it is full of footy fans – I am just not sure that the hill and the old scoreboard are really a good fit.? We now have these massive stands that go all the way around except for that northern corner.

On the window cleaning front the winter was a little patchy (to match the economy) and getting paid still remains an issue sometimes.? We have dropped a lot of ‘run jobs’ that continually promised payments that never came and we will be a stronger company because of it.? Not sure why people get?affronted when you ask them to pay a legitimate invoice that is months overdue?? Also on the positive side we have some extra feet on the ground now and that will give us extra capacity coming into the busy period.